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TheDevBlock, the most efficient B2B hiring platform, provides nearshore IT staffing while you focus on your business.

Is your company struggling with these issues?

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Shortage of technical resources

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Managing the project budget

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Lack of time to hire professionals for your projects

Let us help you increase the efficiency of your projects

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High qualified experts available

Senior Developers

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Why TheDevBlock?

360 Support

Have a team of professionals at your fingertips to support you before, during and after the hiring process. A Hiring Manager and a Technical Account manager help you move faster and get better results.

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Pre-qualified Talents

We assess our tech experts in a variety of ways; such as screening interviews, technical tests, code reviews, psychological tests and background checks.

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Ramp your team up or down on demand and cancel the service anytime.

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We work accross your time zone, timelines and schedules.

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Forget about HR pains, legal issues and security risks; you and
TheDevBlock speak the same business language.